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We’ve brought together many of our favourite articles published by our nurses and industry partners, including information sourced from leading healthcare manufacturers, around topics to help you improve your health and well being. The Senate should show a little patience; a better, more humane option awaits it. Senators Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, and Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, are working on a bill that would strengthen the A.C.A. by appropriating money for health subsidies that help low-income families; Mr. Trump has threatened to end those payments articleshealth articles

According to studies and research, social interactions play an important role in improving mental and physical health. Another recent randomized trial found that frail and older people could drop an average of two drugs from a 10-drug regimen with no adverse effects. But not with simplistic sound bites that claim this would increase competition but in fact would only lead to the health insurance cherry picking schemes we got rid of back in the 1990s.

Ms. Collins’s résumé (she once oversaw Maine’s insurance bureau), her relentless practicality and her state’s particular vulnerability within the health care debate — its population is old and largely poor, with a sizable part-time work force — have placed her at the center of an issue that conservatives have tried to dominate in Congress. We need to move in a more promising direction that takes into account the difficulties that progressive reform has long faced in health care.

In addition, it said, three-fourths of consumers in the state who are eligible for assistance will be able to buy low-cost bronze health plans next year for less than $10 a month. Iowa wanted to create a state-run system for 2018 that its insurance commissioner said would lower premiums for most of the 72,000 residents of the state who currently have Obamacare health plans, including 28,000 who earn too much to get subsidies to help with the cost. The idea refers to paying drug companies for the value that a drug brings — refunding money if a drug fails to prevent a costly health condition, for example. Consumer groups and medical societies have tried to spread the word about expensive drugs.

This legislation reflects President Trump’s strong commitment to improving health care for all Americans. You can get a good overview by looking at the Twitter feed of Tom Price, President Trump’s secretary of health and human services — a feed that is, in its own way, almost as horrifying as that of the tweeter in chief. Additionally, grants to about 100 nonprofit groups, known as navigators, that help people enroll in health plans offered by the insurance marketplaces will be cut to a total of $36 million, from about $63 million. Employers whose workers currently receive public health benefits also will pay as much as $750 per articles

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