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Many people are rushing to finish their shopping for the annual gifts they need to give before the deadline during the holiday season. As a result, one can expect to see crowds of enthusiastic shoppers swarming the sidewalks and malls, all looking for the most thoughtful gifts to give to the people in their lives. Even websites that facilitate online shopping are experiencing increased traffic and orders. This is great news for the majority of businesses, as the holiday shopping season should increase revenue. 

Regardless, it is critical to distinguish yourself from the other businesses competing for customers’ attention, especially during this hectic event. You can accomplish this by utilizing unique giveaways and promotions, both of which build customer loyalty and strengthen your company’s branding. If you want to learn more about these helpful strategies, here are four ideas for giveaways and promotions that your company should try out during the holiday season: 

Customers should be provided with free holiday gifts

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the things that help to make the holidays so memorable. Why not include a gift with their purchases as a way to thank every one of your customers? There is no requirement that these gifts be related to the products or services that you provide as your primary business as long as they are appealing. Giving customers a gift can make a very positive impression on them because it is a considerate act that makes the recipient feel cared for. 

For example, you could give them a cute tote bag to carry their gifts in, a plush toy for the younger children, or some custom shot glasses to use during holiday celebrations. All of these would make wonderful gifts. You can also include your company’s logo on the item so that your customers are reminded of where they got these one-of-a-kind gifts. You don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone because even if some of your customers don’t like the holiday freebies you’re providing, they can always give them to someone else who will. 

Offer Buy-1-Get-1 Deals 

Another effective strategy for increasing sales during the holiday season at your company is to offer Buy-One-Get-One deals to your customers (also abbreviated as BOGO). This is essentially a miniature giveaway for your customers because it allows them to buy two of your products for the price of one. 

It is entirely up to you to decide how you will carry out this strategy. Some business owners may view this promotion as an excellent opportunity to clear their shelves of products that have not been selling well. You could also run promotions in which customers receive one item for free when they purchase another, which not only attracts customers but frequently results in a significant increase in revenue. 

Give Presents During the Holidays 

Customers can be ecstatic as a result of giveaways, especially if the prizes being given away are of high quality. There are numerous approaches to running a giveaway, and the following are a few successful approaches that are sure to bring in more customers: 

For the next twelve days, there will be daily giveaways

Rather than hosting a single giveaway event, you can spread the holiday cheer over the course ofover twelve days. Not only will your customers have a better chance of winning prizes, but you will also be able to promote your company for a longer period. You should make it a point to give away a different prize every day to keep things interesting. 

Even though you could announce the giveaways ahead of time, it may be more exciting to do so on the day that the giveaway is traditionally associated with. When you do this, more potential customers will look for what you have to offer, increasing traffic to your social media platforms and websites. 

Prize Drawings and Freebies 

If you want to make things even more interesting than they already are, hosting giveaway contests is the way to go. Depending on your company’s needs, you can run these contests either online or through a traditional storefront location. 

If your company caters to younger customers, consider holding a drawing or puzzle-solving competition at your retail location. A holiday costume contest for pets and their owners is a fun event that pet supply stores can host. You can also use social media platforms to run online competitions. For example, users who liked, shared, or commented on promotional posts made by your company’s social media accounts could be chosen at random. This way, you can raise awareness about your company while also engaging your clients in a variety of interesting activities. 

Throughout the holiday season, provide free services 

Along the same lines as giving away gifts, you might want to consider offering your customers some complimentary services during the holiday season. These services should make it easier for them to complete their holiday shopping by either improving the quality of the items they purchase or making the entire process more convenient for them. 

For example, if you run an online store, you can offer free shipping on all of your items to attract more customers. Another service you can offer your customers is gift wrapping, which will save them time during the hectic holiday season. It is common practice for leather goods and jewelry retailers to provide free engraving services for the products they sell. Customers can now give extra personalized gifts to those they care about. 

As consumers and retailers prepare for the holidays, this time of year is extremely busy. To truly differentiate oneself from the competition, it is beneficial to implement some creative and well-thought-out promotional ideas. These strategies can help your business and the holiday spirit in a variety of ways. These strategies can help your business grow by giving away gifts, offering buy-one-get-one deals on products, or providing helpful services.