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When Bitcasino.io first opened its virtual doors in 2014, the site looked nothing like it does now.

At the time, Bitcoin casinos were still a relatively new phenomenon, and consumers’ expectations of them differed significantly from those of a traditional, regular online casinos that accepted fiat currency. With this in mind, our team worked to create a user interface (UI) that would capture these clients’ attention, ensure that our product was delivered in the most efficient way possible, and position Bitcasino.io as the preeminent brand in this industry.

When compared to today’s standards, the end result may appear dated; however, this is a reflection of how quickly design advances, both in the field of casinos and online in general.

For several years, one of the most talented product design teams in the gambling industry has been hard at work on the next version of Bitcasino.io, and the result is the version that is now available.

How should a casino be designed?

It was critical for us to consider our players’ feedback when designing the layout of Bitcasino. These people’s comments and suggestions were extremely helpful in guiding our decisions. We were able to locate and improve on problematic areas by examining their preferences and listening to their points of view, resulting in a significantly more pleasant overall experience. It may appear to be a silly question, but you should inquire as to what a casino should look like.

However, the question of what the appearance of something should be has perplexed philosophers for thousands of years.

We know that one of the things that kept Plato awake at night thinking about his ideas was the idea that everything has a non-physical form, which is essentially an ideal essence that characterizes an object in people’s minds.

However, it is fair to say that design has not always been the industry’s strongest suit. This is due to the market’s prevalence of outdated designs and a “follow the crowd” mentality over innovation.

So that we can get a better idea of what consumers expect from an online casino. The more difficult task is determining which areas of these expectations should be met and which should be challenged.

Observing broader web trends

These ideas have been incorporated into the most recent redesign of the Bitcasino.io homepage, which also draws inspiration from other areas of design. Most online casinos have tens of different games on their homepages, making them very busy sites.

It’s possible that people anticipate this, but in other areas of web design, the guiding principle “less is more” has emerged as the most prominent. We’ve made discoverability a top priority; we want people to be able to find the games and content that speak to them the most.

As a result, we simplified everything while also ensuring that the navigation patterns were as user-friendly as possible across all types of devices (burger on mobile, and sidebar for desktop). This ensures that gamers can quickly obtain whatever they require at any given time.

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Considering the interface in relation to the functionality

When something is well designed, the way it performs its function should have an impact on how it appears.Our casino can now perform a wider range of functions as a result of its expansion. This manifests itself in a variety of ways, such as new games, languages, bonuses, and features.

Furthermore, the fact that our players have been the driving force behind the expansion of our casino is something we value highly. We are not instructing the user on what to do; rather, we are expanding the functionality of our product to ensure that it meets the needs of our clients. Of course, there is the temptation to overload the user with information and shout from the rooftops about every possible outcome. On the other hand, from a design standpoint, this could quickly devolve into a chaotic jumble.

What is our solution? Individualization is added. There are no two users who are exactly the same, and a good design should always look for ways to engage directly with a specific user.

This included making personal recommendations when possible and drawing attention to popular games when this was not possible.

It also included making the website’s navigation and search functions as simple as possible, with the goal of allowing each user to find the section of the website where they feel most at ease.

We believe that by combining industry best practices with usability testing and feedback, we have created something that our users can relate to.

The need for speed

When the Bitcasino mobile platform was updated near the end of 2018, the appearance of the user interface (UI) was not the only consideration. Furthermore, we completely rethought the navigation and layout, resulting in a completely new architectural design.

Despite the fact that mobile devices have a smaller display area than desktop computers, we were able to turn a perceived disadvantage into a significant advantage by combining design patterns and mobile usability best practices. The majority of our customers now prefer to access Bitcasino via their mobile devices, indicating that they are still pleased with the results. Aside from a new look, the team focused on making the website more accessible on mobile devices by increasing the loading speed.

Slow loading times are one of the most frustrating experiences for mobile users, and they can ruin the user experience even when the design is of the highest caliber.

Keeping this in mind, we were especially proud of the launch of a new mobile product that advertised speeds up to eight times faster than competing products.

What is the future of casino interior design?

We don’t have that information, in a nutshell. The design of the future Bitcasino will be influenced by a wide range of factors, including, to name a few, changes in user behavior, design development, and technological possibilities.

However, we can confirm that the design of the future will be the result of the same procedures that are currently in place. We are ultimately aiming to answer the same questions while developing a product in accordance with the same brief.